Monday, August 28, 2006

Metalocalypse: Dethklok

I have just recently come across a fantastic show called Metalocalypse on Adult Swim. This is a fantastic show created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha (the creator of Da Ali G Show) featuring great death metal in a Scandinavian vein. What is even more fantastic is that the fictional band that the show is based on, Dethklok, has their own myspace page with 3 songs available for download. You can listen to a great interview with Brendon Small on the Sound of Young America Podcast.

Sunday, August 20, 2006



Started as a simple video blog, has grown to cult like status. His viewers admire his commentary on life and the absurdity of our society so much that they actually manage a wikipedia page that gives a transcript of the show; word-for-word.

Instead of just being a simple blog, ZeFrank has created a forum in which his viewers participate in such projects as making an earth sandwich, a contest on who has the most ugly Myspace account, and a chess match.

His video blogs are only a few minutes long, but they are jam packed with inside jokes, witty songs, political commentary, and “jokes for nerds.” After watching your first show, you will find yourself addicted and make viewing his show a part of your daily routine.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bored? Play A Stupid Computer Game!!!!

Jason discovered this game about a week ago called Space Federation Galactic Conquest, and we have been playing it way to much since then. It is free, and there is nothing to download, so at least you won't lose anything by buying a shitty fucking first person shooter that every reviewer says is "amazing".

Hey if you do decide to play it join my federation called LawnGnomeDeathMarch.

Fuck Yeah.